How hybrid meetings really succeed.

Ten tips on how to increase efficiency and interaction in virtual and hybrid meetings.

Ever since the start of the covid19 pandemic, remote work has become the rule rather than the exception, demonstrating the importance of high-performance technologies for digital collaboration.

The transition to effective collaboration via a virtual platform is not always easy for those involved. It becomes even more complicated when the meeting has not only remote attendees, but a mixture of in-person and remote attendees.

A number of tools can improve the efficiency of hybrid meetings.

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What you will learn in the whitepaper

  • What impact hybrid meetings have on the world of work
  • What levers can be used to improve work productivity in hybrid meetings
  • What every team member can do to increase interaction in meetings
  • What steps can be taken to use the full potential of virtual or hybrid collaboration
  • What to look out for when preparing and facilitating a virtual meeting

These teams are already successfully optimizing their meetings by using the cannyboard

Your advantages at a glance

Hands-on experiences as a group
  • Natural handwriting and automatic pen recognition – with the cannyboard Pen
  • Write, type and swipe – all members can work towards common results at the same time
to accommodate everyone and everything
  • 86" screen diagonal and 4K resolution
  • High light intensity shines in all room conditions
Speaker & microphone
to reach everyone
  • Perfect sound for speech, music and the atmosphere in the room
  • Understand everything clearly in virtual meetings - without any accessories

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